The workshops for artistic creation and scientific awareness
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The workshops for artistic creation and scientific awareness

We propose free-of-charge workshops for artistic creation to answer waitings of those which like to create starting from the natural and abundant materials found in the river which runs in front of the homes: pebble, small and large, and floated wood. That is also an activity which can be quite useful to occupy the children in the event of bad weather, because it includes the research and selection of materials on the banks of the river, then their shaping.

Our workshops, available on request, are composed of cases including all the instruments required to the activity, a documentation, and a set of stones/pebbles or floated wood to begin with:

  • Pebble painting workshop: the pebbles, as well polished as possible, are taken in the river in front of the homes or a little further. It is then necessary to brush, wash, make them dry, before painting.
  • Floated wood workshop: the branches, the stocks, the trunks polished by the floating, left by the river in front of the homes, allow to realize very nice bases of lamps (see picture below), frameworks for paintings, etc.
  • Inutshuk workshop: the inutshuk are anthropomorphic stone figurines raised on the ice-barrier by the people of the Canadian Far North (Inuit) to mark out the ways. The same name is used for small statues representing the inutshuk figurines. The basic material is made of small quite polished pebble taken on the banks of the river (see picture below).


Lampe en bois flotté

An example of lamp realized at Les Aygues-Vives using floated wood an slate


An example of inutshuk

Moreover, we also place at the disposal of our guest:

  • a scientific awareness workshop composed of a microscope and various accessories.
  • activities to promote geocaching. Geocaching is a collaborative game, aiming at either hiding, or seeking for “treasures” that geocachers have dissimulated in geocaches scattered in the countryside and localizable with their geographical position and with various indications or riddles which can be found on the site. The geographical position is readable on a GPS or a smartphone (such as the iPhone) or, for those who well followed their courses of geography, on an topographic map at 1: 25.000.

The closest geocaching  sites are the following:


And a bit further:


To locate these geocaches, simplest is to go on the front page of the site and to return, in the window “Search for geocaches” the coordinates of our lodgings.


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