The property
Les gîtes adhèrent aux Gîtes de France
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The property

The Aygues-Vives country homes (members of Gîtes de France) include 2 lodgings facing the south, in the same house but totally independent, each of them having a separate entry and a private garden enclosed out by a wood fence varnished. The two lodgings have in common a yard, the river bank, big rocks and a sand beach. The homes have of a phone line (for the incoming calls only and the urgency numbers) : +33 5 61 04 48 80, and an unlimited connection  to Internet by Wifi.

Tree artistic workshops, which use local materials, are available free of charge, on request: pebble painting, floated wood carving, inutshuk creation (see below). In addition, and on request, free of charge, we can lend a microscope for scientific awareness and provide documentation about a field game called “geocaching” (see the section « More about the workshops »).

The lodging « the Marmot » has a small garden (the garden of the Lime). The lodging « the Trout » profits from a larger garden (the garden of the Fig tree) with fruit trees (plum trees, quince tree, fig tree).


See description of the Home « The Trout » (4 rooms, 8 persons)

See description of the Home « The Marmot » (3 rooms, 6 persons)

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