Sports & Leisure
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NEARBY : Sports & Leisure


Leisures at the village or close to it

  • Bathing in the river (on the spot with the small beach of the Aygues-Vives);
  • Tennis (at the village);
  • Bicycle and mountain byke (departure from the home);
  • Walk with donkeys (at Unac, 3 km);
  • Equestrian excursions (at Bestiac, 5 km);
  • Horsemanship (in the valley);
  • Summer swimming pool at the camp-site of Luzenac and at Ax (8 km);
  • Casino with money machines at Ax (8 km);
  • Shopping at Le Pas de la Case, in Andorra (39 km).


Hydrotherapy and thermoludism

  • Hydrotherapy for rheumatisms and respiratory deseases, at Ax (8 km);
  • Hydrotherapy for psychosomatic diseases, stresses, neurological deseases, fitness and back to shape, at Ussat-the-Baths (15 km);
  • Natural hydrothermal hot springs at Mérens-le-Haut (18 km);
  • Thermoludism and thalassotherapy: Le Couloubret at Ax, Caldea Center at Andorra-the-old (63 km).


Mountain sports

Cascades of ice:

  • Area of the Peak of Montcalm, area of the Peak of Rulhe….


  • Trekking at Peak of Estat (3143m), Peak of Montcalm (3077m), Puig Carlit (2921m), Peak of Cabanette (2818m), Cylinder of Escobes (2779m), Peak of Serrére (2912 m), Peak of the Port (2903m), Peak of Rulhe (2783m),….
  • Refuges of Rulhe, Boutas, the Pond of Pinet, of Chioula, Beys…

Climbing :

  • The tooth of Orlu, at about one dozain of km (many ways equipped),
  • The Quié de Sinsat (210 ways equipped).

Hiking :

  • Ways of Great Excursion (GR) : county GR « Tour du Massif de Tabe », departure from the homes;
  • GR 107, Chemin des Bonshommes (way of the Chaps or Cathare’s path), « from Foix to Montségur and Berga» ;
  • GR 7, from Alsace to Andorra ;
  • GR 10, accross the Pyrénées, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean ;
  • GR de pays « Tour des montagnes d’Ax » ;
  • Ski free riding, access in the vicinity: Saint-Barthélémy/Les Monts d’Olmes, Montagnes d’Ax/Bonascre .


  • Alpine ski, snow board : snow slopes of Bonascre (Ax 3 Domaines) at 16 km, of Porté-Puymorens at 35 km, of Pas de la Casa in Andorre (Grandvalira) at 39 km ;
  • Nordic ski, telemark, skating : snow plateau of Beille (22 km), of the Chioula (18 km) ;

Speleogy :

  • Famous spots (from 15 to 30  km) in the limestones monts of high Sabarthès (close to Tarascon) and in the Olmes county.


  • Famous spots (from 10 to 20 km) : Beille plateau, Bonascre, Quié of Sinsat.

Angling in montain lakes : ponds of Trou de l’Ours, Appy, Diable, Tort, Béseil, Campauleil, Goulours, Laparan, Embizon, Fontargentes, Bleu, Comte, Couart, Albe, Vidal, Pédourrès, Régalécio, Sisca, Joclar, Montaut, Ruilles, Cabaillère, Coume de Varilhes, Mirabail, Castellasses, Noir des Castellasses, de Peyre, …

Acrobranche course (tree climbing) : at Orlu (14 km).


Water sports

  • Canoë/kayak (from 10 to 30 km) on the river Ariège ;
  • Canyoning (from 30 to 50 km), in the Auzat county, in the Vicdessos area, and at Mérens.


Historic buildings

  • Roman churches of Lombardy-Catalonia style classified by the Inventory of the Historic Buildings:
  • Unat, church St Martin: building (11th century), bell, various liturgical objects, monumental painting;
  • Axiat, church St Julien: building (11th century);
  • Mérens, vestiges of church: building (11th century), various liturgical objects;
  • Verdun, church St Blaise: building (12th century), statue, monumental painting of the chorus;
  • Vernaux, church St Marthe: liturgical building (12th century), bell, objects, monumental painting;
  • Urs, church: building (12th century);
  • Sinsat, church: building (12th century), statue;
  • Ax-les-Thermes : bath of the lepers (13th century), church St Jerome: various liturgical objects, paintings and statues.



  • Cathar castle of Lordat (at 5 km);
  • Castle of Foix (at 35 km);
  • Cathar castle of Montségur (at 55 km by car, 6 hours walking through the collar of the Hole of the Bear).


Prehistoric sites

  • Cave of Bédeilhac: single in the world low-reliefs and magdalenian parietal art, bisons, horses, reindeers of 15000 years ago;
  • Cave of Niaux: madgalenian parietal art (Black Lounge), horses, stags, bisons, ibexes, of 13000 years ago;
  • Cave of the Cow: vestiges of a camping of prehistoric hunters (Monique Room), tools, weapons, bone of game, of 12000 to 15000 years ago;
  • Cave of the Mas d’Azil and its museum: many tools and hunting weapons of the Magdalenian.


Natural curiosities

  • Cave of Lombrives at Ussat-the-Baths, vastest of Europe: a karstic system out of the commun run, 39 km of galleries, immense rooms, many stalactites and stalagmites, concretions multicoloured, to be visited in 1, 2, 3, 5 hours;
  • Underground river of Labouiche: visit on boat at 60m under ground on 1500 m;
  • Talc career of Trimous, the largest in Europe.


Discovery parks and miscellaneous

  • Pyrenean park of prehistoric art in Tarascon-sur-Ariège;
  • Pyrene Forging Mills (museum of the iron and old trades) at Montgailhard, close to Foix;
  • Heliodyssée Scientific park, at the solar furnace of Odeillo, close to Mont-Louis (Eastern Pyrenees).
  • Stag roaring, in the forests of the Consulate (Foix-Tarascon), from mid-september to mid-october.

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