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How to book ?

It’s very simple indeed:

  • Please check the availability of the home selected on the table above (the brown color indicates that the home The Marmot is booked, the blue one that the home The Truit is not available. A white color shows that the selected home is not booked).
  • Please fill in the booking form aside (don’t forget your personal email, your postal address and your mobile phone number). Then your will received the booking contract within 24h.


The advantages of choosing « Les Aygues-Vives de Luzenac »:

  • An ideal setting for nature lovers, mountain, forest, lakes and rivers;
  • A privileged place to practice outdoor sports and fishing;
  • A quiet place for rest, relaxation, creation, meditation …
  • 2 Comfortable lodgings, approved by the Gîtes de France, well equipped and connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi and PLC;
  • Interesting, well-adjusted rates;
  • The « Must » of Aygues-Vives de Luzenac: the seasonal atmosphere proposed by Gîtes de France, the creative and discovery workshops, the documentation and tips from the owner … View tle « Livre d’Or » (guestbook) on the home page, in French;
  • A professional and friendly service.




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To ask for more information please use the contact form here aside or call us at any moment.


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Les Aygues-Vives de Luzenac 
8 rue de l’Eglise,
09250 Luzenac, France

Phone : +33 6 81 54 85 78
Email . aygues_vives_luzenac @

Location Aygues Vives